Do you require a Locum Pharmacist, ACT, or Dispenser, full time permanent staff?  Then register with us today to get started on filling your requirements.

We are UK Based Pharmacy Locum And Recruitment Consultants, Pharmacist Led with Experience In Providing Locums And Permanent Recruitment Services in both the United Kingdom and abroad since 1992.

Stephen Walker, our Professional Services Director is a highly experienced and popular Locum Pharmacist, working in pharmacies many days a month in the same places you work, so he can feedback to us exactly what is happening every day and to give us knowledge we can use to help you.

Linda wonders why we haven’t added charming, handsome, sexy in this piece? I will explain why not!!!

We now offer work not only in Community Pharmacies, but also in hospitals and GP Surgeries.  We can assist in securing work permits and Leave to Remain for non-UK personnel to help people from abroad to come into the UK to work legally.  We can also help people secure jobs overseas and, because we are thorough and know what we are doing, these things last and work well.

Support and advice for everyone is available to help you all, whether you are a professional looking for work, or a Pharmacy, GP Surgery on NHS based practice looking to fill a healthcare position, to make sure what you are doing is done properly and in your best interests.  We are here for the long run!

For more information and to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.