“People tell me I’m choosy

People tell me I'm choosy

“People tell me I’m choosy

At Nightingale Pharmacy Services (NPS) we specialise in  Community, Surgery/Dispensary, hospital and Primary Care finding permanent and locum placements for Pharmacists, Technicians, dispensers and other health care staff throughout the U.K.

We like to get to know and understand peoples’ needs and requirements to help inform choices, so building strong and durable relationships, we are here for the long haul, not just the quick fix.

In order to remain competitive, several years ago we established secure, networked office working to allow to keep in touch all day, every day. We were remote working before the term was coined. This helps us keep costs down and compete with other technologies without losing the personal touch.

We are not dedicated followers of fashion or trends, these come and go, but values remain constant, so we will not be following the trend of  using chatbots or Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), you will always deal with people at NPS.

We don’t use platforms which promise everything to everyone;

*we don’t offer the highest paying shifts to locums, we find the best available locum for your shift or the best available person for your vacancy

*we don’t brag about which clients we serve (some of whom no longer exist, despite being displayed as a badge of honour, or who have signed up to another company to manage their requirements), everybody matters to us, equally

*we do try to match the personnel to the job in hand, by vetting and documenting those who register with us and following up to ensure they meet stated needs. Where this is shown to need improvement, we update and offer support to anyone in need.

One of our first clients told us “People tell me I’m choosy – I have to be, it’s my business and I care, so I am going to be choosy!”. We got that message loud and clear and have worked to that end before and since.

Some platforms claim to save lots of many for users of their services – you may save on agency fees BUT look at how hourly rates have increased exponentially, well beyond levels of income per pharmacy/department. It’s no wonder some people are struggling to make business/department budgets balance.

We are working quietly behind the scenes to improve our website and make it more user friendly. Please check back regularly to see the changes. Locums will receive a list of documentation required to complete their registration, clients may be asked to provide more details to allow us to support you. For details of how we use information provided to us, please read our Privacy Policy.


Whatever you recruitment needs are, we can help you. Locum Pharmacist, locum technician, locum dispenser placements, Permanent (full and part time) placements, all sectors covered (Community Pharmacy, Hospital, Surgery, Primary Care)