NPS records update – help us to help you

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NPS records update – help us to help you

Lat week we sent out e-mail asking people to update their records with us in preparation for us setting up secure log in pages for those registered with us and for those who might wish to register with us in the future. We want to confirm that the e-mail and mobile number we have on record is accurate and up to date, in line with GDPR and additionally, to ensure we are using a preferred means of contact, as people do change these from time to time. We don’t want anyone to miss important messages when this can be prevented!
In our enthusiasm to get this done, however, we regret we did not make clear what our intended objective was, and one or two people thought we were asking them to confirm our details with their own record. Seemed obvious at the time, but clearly not. We apologise and have improved the wording to make things clearer. We all have busy lives and days with the pressure of ensuring we give our best to patient care and well-being, even if we have bad days, people set out to help others despite circumstances we may not be able to control.

So to repeat, we will be asking you to confirm that the e-mail address and mobile number we have on record for you are both correct and if not, please would you rectify so we can keep our details accurate to help us to help you. When we roll out the secure areas, these details will be necessary to ensure data security and protect your information.


Thanks for your continued support.

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