Musn’t grumble! It’s the British way. Can you help us?

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Musn’t grumble! It’s the British way. Can you help us?

This is not a complaint, quite the opposite, but it does affect more people than we would like and we are not trying to be clever or patronising with anyone. We have learnt that some people and companies/organisations are missing our e-mails once they have contacted us, since in the first instance, these are going into their Spam/Junk folders as we ae a new contact to them. We understand – we have made this oversight ourselves previously, now these folders are checked daily, relevant messages are moved and marked as “Not Spam/Junk” so in future they always come to the primary inbox and true spam/junk is deleted to keep the system clean and free of things which are not needed.

We also have started putting read-receipt request on each e-mail as well as delivery receipt requests which helps us identify if you have actioned our e-mail or not. Of course you may have resolved your query, but all it needs is a simple message telling us you no longer want our support and we will update your records accordingly and review under GDPR.

Whatsapp messages do tell us if the message has been received and if it has been read by default. We know people are busy and often have more important factors than us to concern them, but surely you wouldn’t have got in touch in the first place if there was not some need for assistance?

We are working hard behind the scenes to make improvements to our site functionality but as usual, anything which looks good and works well us usually not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, as most people understand.

Have a good day, but please get in touch for locum and permanent work requirements for pharmacists, technicians, dispensers health care assistants and other health care work.