Cancelling locum bookings – breach of contract, advice to owners

Cancelling locum bookings -it's not as easy as that

Cancelling locum bookings – breach of contract, advice to owners

Cancelling locum bookings, it’s not as easy as that!

Whenever we make a locum booking at Nightingale Pharmacy Services, it is always confirmed to both locum and client in writing, making a legally binding contract. This has always been our Modus operandi (M.O.) as it provides certainty and clarity to both parties. Details of the booking



Contact telephone number.

Hours to be worked.

Lunch breaks or pharmacy closure for lunch.

Hourly rate agreed.

Mileage rate to be paid (following agreement of expected total mileage)

Payment method

Any incidental matters e.g. I.T. access for services such as Pharmacy First

We do not (as stated in both Client, and locum Terms and Conditions) accept cancellations by either party unless the terms and conditions of the agreement have been breached by either party. Our job is to arrange the booking according to criteria stated and the booking is confirmed based on these criteria. These actions form the legal contract between Client and Locum, which we broker and seek mutual agreement of, to complete the booking.


At this point, our job has been done and that becomes the tax point for our invoicing for the work we have done in completing the booking, including the invisible things; right to work in the U.K., professional registration (where required), proof of identity, references, accreditations, service provisions offered, Professional Indemnity Insurance certificates verified, home address verified for tax purposes, SCR card and access, the list goes on but you get the point.


The issue of Pharmacy owners and locums cancelling has been dealt with very well in an article in The Chemist and Druggist Magazine (01 Apr 2022) by an eminent lawyer experienced in Pharmacy Practice, David Reissner, Chair of Pharmacy Law and Ethics Association. We have attached a link to this article which we highly commend. FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, WE DO NOT CLAIM ANY OWNERSHIP OR COPYWRIGHT TO THIS ARTICLE, WE MERELY REFERNCE IT.

‘The unpalatable message for pharmacy owners on locum bookings and temporary closures’ :: C+D (

If you have any query relating to booking locums (pharmacist, technician, dispenser, or need to fill a permanent job post (full or part time) whether in Community Pharmacy, Hospital, NHS or private, surgery work (on-site and/or remote), please Contact Us and provide details.