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Indemnity Insurance in case of a dispensing or professional error or failing has been mandatory for many years for Pharmacists. As roles expand and become more complex we feel ALL pharmacy staff, especially those operating as locums should have protection against any complaint but not every provider of indemnity insurance recognises this apparently.

Relying on the indemnity policy of the employing pharmacy has historically been cited as adequate but that policy is in place to protect the client and in any dispute over where responsibilty lies, the insurers are likely to feel duty bound to protect the interest of their clients, NOT the locum. 

If you have not got any indemnity insurance and want further advice and support, please 

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Purchase of such policies are tax deductible and provide peace of mind when a complaint is raised and the impact of such complaints without  the back up of experts on your side can be devastating for your career, confidence, mental health and financial future. We do not have any affiliation with any provider, we just want you to have peace of mind.

None of us start  the day intending to harm another, but mistakes, pressure of work and expectations of all of us are mounting all the time. Protect yourselves. NOBODY ELSE WILL!